Welcome onboard the Craft that will navigate you through what is fast becoming the world's greatest industry, the unique Passenger Shipping part of Tourism. Inevitably, the itinerary takes you to our Business Profile.

Masters' Shipping Co.S.A. was established in 1965 when Passenger Ship Broking Houses could be counted on the fingers of one hand (oddly enough they still are...) World-wide.

The 1000-plus Deals that we have done over the years permit us, you will appreciate, to pride ourselves on our Experience, Know-How, Service Quality Product and Professionalism.

Undoubtedly if you are interested to share the qualifications of a Company that has spent a life-time exclusively specialising in the S+P and Chartering of Passenger Ships of all types you can be sure you are on the right craft.

Click on then and...... Bon Voyage.

From the Bridge of 'Masters'