They call us Champions of Passenger-Ship Specialist Broking and not without good reason.

Historically, Masters Shipping Co.S.A. was the pioneer in the S+P and Chartering of all type of Passenger Ships (that is Cruise Ships,Night and Day Ferries,High Speed Ferries,Ropax Ferries) in the whole Mediterranean Sea area, since its founding.

Our company was established at the instigation of Epirotiki Lines - the oldest and main Cruise operator in the East Mediterranean area at the time - back in 1965, when Piraeus was still in its infancy as an international shipping hub, to fill the professional gap that was appearing.
Over the years, Masters Shipping brokered tens of S+P and Chartering deals for Epirotiki.

In the Ferry market, as the Greek Ferry operators were likewise establishing themselves in Piraeus in the sixties, Masters Shipping was also instrumental broking many deals for them that kick-started the sector.

All told, to date Masters Shipping Co.S.A. has been involved in over 1000 Passenger Ship transactions in Greece and overseas.

Masters Shipping Co. has also issued todate volumes of Valuation Certificates for Passenger Ships by appointment of tens of international Shipping Banks, Law Offices, Arbitrators, Financiers, Operators, Charterers etc being the one Greek Passenger ships-only Specialist Broker appearing on the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping's short-list of approved valuers.

Such has been the dedication of Masters Shipping to the world of Passenger Ship-broking services, that the Company's brand name has become synonymous for Specialist Passenger Ships Broking.

Our quality services cover the whole spectrum of Passenger Ship-broking business, from Chartering and S+P to New-Building contracts through to Demolition.

Better services and professional integrity has been our quest all along.

We, at Masters Shipping, are honoured and pride ourselves on being very close to companies like the international market leaders and trend setters the Panagopoulos family's Attica and Blue Star Ferries, to the Cretan star performers Minoan and ANEK, to friends like Hellenic Seaways and NEL Lines etc - to mention just a few of the Greek Ferry market alone.

As for the Cruise Ship sector, suffice it to say that Masters Shipping has brokered the vast majority of Sales and Charters for and to the biggest Cruise Liner Operator in the East Mediterranean Sea area today, our closest friends Louis Cruise lines. The same is true for our exclusive clients Messrs World Cruises agency of Lisbon as well as Majestic Cruises, Caspi of Israel and many others for and with whom we have had extensive business dealings and have established long- lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Some very prestigeous, even record-breaking deals that Masters Shipping has brokered in its long shipbroking years include the en bloc charter of ten luxurious Cruise ships as floating hotels during the G8 Summit in Genova, followed by an equal number of en bloc charters for the NATO Summit in Naples a few years ago. Also, the charter of the MV Ocean Countess,ex Cunard Countess,as a floating hotel to the French TV Organisation for the hosting and accommodation of French Government Officials and other celebrities during the Athens 2004 Olympics. Likewise, numerous Cruise ship Charters to the Government of Libya as floating hotel and venue for African countries Heads of State conferences, floating hotel period charter to the Tulane University in New Orleans as accommodation for the University's staff and students, the floating hotel charter for the America's Cup races in Sicily, floating hotels in the Emirates on various occasions for a number of events there.

When it comes to Passenger Ship Demolition, Masters Shipping is well placed with almost all substantial specialist buyers with Arya family-controlled Argo Systems of India coming top of the list.

Capt Dennis Vernardakis is the executive president of Masters Shipping Co.S.A. and Masters Cruise and Ferry Shipbroking S.A.

Dennis is a Merchant Marine Captain with ten years Sea Service on Dry Cargo and Passenger Ships. He is a graduate of the Nautical School of the island of Oinoussai. He also followed a number of educational courses in London, Oxford and Athens. Dennis has also, on a large number of occasions, lectured at various Maritime Universities in Greece as well as at international conferences on subjects pertaining to Passenger Ships and Ferries. Likewise he has written tens of articles which appeared in internationally prestigious papers such as Lloyd's List, TradeWinds as well as other international and domestic specialist publications.

Masters's Shipping Co's staff today consists of :

1. Ms Nadine Papachristou : Senior Specialist Broker/Economist
2. Ms Rena Bara : P.A.,with some two decades experience in the field
3. Ms Danae Vernardakis : Athens University student/Trainee Broker
4. Mr Th. Maxoutis : Accounts dept. Director
5. Mr D. Hadjigeorgiou : Chartering Consultant/Market Analyst